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Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Home and Family

For those of you in North America, have a happy Thanksgiving.
Here's a collection of works around the theme of home and/or family. I thought about doing food (and consumption!) but that's not the real point of the holiday.  These are all images previously posted on this blog. Click on the artist's' name to go to the original post. There you can find a link to their personal websites or galleries.
Enough said.

Amy Bennet  "Evening News" 8" x 10"

Amy Casey  "Stragglers" 21x22" 2008

Ben Grasso  title unknown 2006

Andrea Kowch  "Apple of my eye"

Clinton Snyder  "Willis"  66" x 55"  oil on scrap wood  2004 

Denis Ichitovkin   "Visiting grandmother"  83x72 cm  oil on canvas

Nancy Loughlin  "The Waiting Room"  48"x36"  oil on wood panel  2009

Peter Higgins  "Raboud Family and Gesture"  36x48"  acrylic on canvas

Stephen Cefalo   "The Kids (Family Portrait)"

Rob Evans  "Evening Ritual"  oil on panel (triptych)  40x90  1989

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