When I started trying to promote my own artwork online I kept coming across other people's art that amazed or compelled me in one way or another. This blog has been a way for me to practice thinking and writing about art, as well as learning more about my peers and all the incredible art that is being made out there.

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Monday, February 23, 2009

Jack O'Hearn IV

I especially like the last piece. There's something very appealing about a small painting of a small painting of a shabby entryway in a shabby wall that's hanging on a shabby old wall-papered wall (did that make sense? look at it).
These industrial pipe heads are quite nice as well.

"Siamese #3" 24" x 24"

"Siamese #1" 35" x 48"

"A.S.C." 10" x15"

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Giorgio Maria Griffa

Most of his work is very traditional realism in watercolor. Good stuff too with a big nod to Andrew Wyeth. I'll post one of his darker ones below, but I especially enjoy these little illustrations with incorporated text.
There's gobs of paintings on his website

"Il Naufragio di Massimiliano d'Austria" 70 x104 cm

"Sciara del Fuoco #2" 72 x 103cm

"Dias & Albatros" 56 x 76 cm

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Clinton Snider

He has a website but there doesn't seem to be much on it and not all the links work but I'll put it here in case he fixes that. www.clintonsnider.com
Better to go to his Flickr site which is loaded with stuff; little paintings, huge paintings, line drawings, installation pieces, abstracts. You may have to wade around a bit to find what you like but there's some great stuff in there. Here's a big painting on reclaimed wood and a brilliant watercolor self portrait.

"Yellow House" 54" x 49"


Monday, February 9, 2009

Denis Ichitovkin

Here's some great Russian Realism. Nobody does it better, due I take it to the very traditional art academies. These have a particularly personal feel.
more at http://academart.com/ichitovkin.htm

"In the Kitchen"

"Smoking Place"

"One Day"

Monday, February 2, 2009

Tom Hopkins

Many artists who learn to paint with this kind of confidence rely solely on their craft. Mr. Hopkins seems to have ideas as well. These paintings are about more than just painting (although they certainly have few things to say about it. I would love to see these works in person).
As usual you can click on the images to see them somewhat larger.
And see his website: www.tomhopkinsart.com

Dennis Harper

Humor aside, I also enjoy his reference to and love for far older artistic styles and techniques.

"Untitled (Encounter in a Foyer)" 2007 24" x 20"
get this: Egg tempera, silverpoint, and gold leaf
over casein on panel

Detail for "Encounter"

"Jesus Nightlight" 1995 11" x 9"