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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Stephen Cefalo

Stephen Cefalo paints across the boundaries that are supposed to separate fine art from illustration. The Fine Art world is largely engaged in a relentless (and increasingly futile) pursuit of the new. In his Bio it notes that he worked as an assistant to Jeff Koons who arguably is also interested in combining Fine Art with pop-culture imagery but Mr. Cefalo's efforts could hardly be in sharper contrast. After that it says he worked as an illustrator for Rugrats consumer products. So he's very well acquainted with commercialism. He seems to have rejected both of these trajectories. At the same time he was studying under Steven Assael, a different kettle of fish altogether. His interest in Fine Art is historical rather than creating new paradigms, and his interest in illustration has less to do with commercialism than with drama and craftsmanship. He cooks all this up into an allegorical stew of personal narratives that are occasionally cryptic, sometimes troubling, sometimes sweet, but always rendered with loving skill.
Go to his website to see more (www.stephencefalo.com)
or read through his blog for personal commentary on much of the work (stephencefalo.blogspot.com)

"Earth Tones"


"The Kids (Family Portrait)"

"Burn This Painting"

"Mother and Child"

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  1. Great post. I've been a fan of Stephen's work for quite a few years. It's a fresh, interesting contribution to the realist world. Thanks for sharing.