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Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Rob Evans 2

Well this is my 100th posting.

Since absolutely no one was looking when I started I think it's worth revisiting my first entry.
The realism in his work is one thing; there's no denying his technical proficiencies. But I think I was immediately drawn to his work for its atmosphere. From his earliest interiors to his most recent traditional landscapes he has been obsessed with and successfully captured the dramatic tension that exists at night or in the twilight hours when natural light is diminished but what is revealed is just as powerful. Much of his earlier work uses this dramatic lighting to heighten the effect of symbolic and allegorical imagery.

I only posted 2 of his pieces originally. Since then I usually pick about three pieces from each artists. here's a bunch... And don't forget to click on the images to view them at least a little larger, especially the last piece.

Visit his websites for many many more: robevansart.com and robevansart.net

"Susquehanna Moon" pastel 13x11" 2006

"Above and Beneath" 27x19" mixed media 2004

"Migration" mixed media 20x28" 1997

"Refuge" oil on panel 48x48" 1997

"Evening Ritual" oil on panel (triptych) 40x90 1989