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Thursday, June 24, 2010

Nancy Loughlin

Nancy Loughlin's paintings usually combine two elements. The first element is the space, the scene of the action if you will, and that space is almost always the home, represented either as an interior scene or as a graphic skeletal framework. She then populates this ultimate symbol of domesticity with a menagerie of wildness. Animals and birds and plants overlap and merge and fade like a the tumbling chaotic images of a dream. It is as if these houses are haunted by everything they are not; wild, chaotic, alive.
There's plenty more to look through at her website:

"Deer Park" 30"x40" oil on wood panel 2009

"House Hunting" 30"x40" oil on wood panel 2009

"The Living Room" 30"x40" oil on wood panel 2009

"The Waiting Room" 48"x36" oil on wood panel 2009

"Wolf's Den" 28"x22" oil on paper on canvas 2007
Her work can also be found at www,lindahodgesgallery.com which is where I first saw it.

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