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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Paul Saari

Paul Saari is a Canadian Artist, from Ontario more specifically. His work has varied, and continues to vary, in terms of style and approach. But it keeps getting better. One thing that has remained relatively consistent are his themes; clearly focused on man's relationship to the environment. For quite some time he's been obsessed with occupying his images with tiny colorful cartoon houses that swirl in great tornado like masses or rise in strange swarms from the sea, as if to say that man's apparent control over his environment is pure illusion. The environment controls us and we, and all our works, are at its mercy (global warming may in the end prove the point more profoundly than we care to learn). Some of these are reminiscent of the work of Amy Casey (although her work suggests that mankind creates his own chaos). His best work uses a palpable sense of atmosphere to create a dramatic, almost narrative tension. But there is also a charming, almost comic quality to the images as well. When the serious drama and the light humor are in balance the work draws the viewer in with appealing and often riveting immediacy.
To see more go to his website: paulsaari.com

"The Edge of the Forest",  oil on canvas,  36" x 55"  2010

"The Ride Home",   oil on canvas,  55" x 45"  2010

"Rogue Wave" (study),   oil on canvas,  12 x 16"  2010

 "Moloch",  oil on canvas,  40 x 40"  2009

"Trickster",  oil on canvas,  63 x 40"   2008

"Clear-Cut",  oil on canvas,  20 x 24"  2006 

 I first Saw Mr. Saari's work on Eric Cator's much missed Paintblog

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