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Thursday, January 14, 2010

Heiko Müller

Heiko Müller's work taps into nature, folk art, comics culture, and the apocalyptic religious visions of the northern renaissance (of course!). On top of these strange amalgams he sprinkles little circles of confetti color like fairy dust transporting us through an unseen window into an alternate world. all this results in a wide variety of imagery that is not fully represented here. As with many artists there is a cumulative effect one gets from looking through the entire body of work that is greater than many of the individual pieces. And those are really good.
Wander around in his world for a bit at www.heikomueller.de

"Lost in Switzerland" 47"x47" oil on canvas 2009

"Bambi Chronicles 01" 27"x27" oil on canvas 2009

"Winged Doom" 8"x8" mixed media on paper 2008

"War of the Worlds" 8"x8" mixed media on paper 2007

"The Last Goodbye" 8.6"x8.6" colored pencil on paper 2009

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