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Monday, January 11, 2010

Tetsuya Ishida

Tetsuya Ishida should be a another contemporary artist, someone out there currently trying to promote their work. Unfortunately he died in 2005 at the age of 31. His paintings reflected a profound disconnect with the crowded and technological world in which he lived. Seeing himself as a mere cog in that world, he incorporated self-portraits into urinals, conveyer belts, wheel-barrows, shelf-holders, forklifts and microscopes. While his drawing seems at times naive, it serves only to accentuate his acute need to visually convey his alienation and turmoil. It seems disturbingly ironic that he was hit by a train but tragically unsurprising that it may not have been an accident. While he apparently had some success in his native Japan, his untimely death has launched a remarkable surge in interest globally.
See more work at tetsuyaishida.jp or for a quick survey got to toxel.com

Thanks to Aron Wiesenfeld for bringing this artist's work to my attention.







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  1. By bizarre coincidence, the artist shares a name with the artist who draws my favourite webcomic, sinfest.net... Gave me a fright, you did!