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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Kevin Cyr

Kevin Cyr's primary angle of approach to art is to document small commercial vehicles that have seen better days. He takes those vehicles out of their, obviously urban, context and paints them as affectionate portraits. Not unlike a number of famous painters from the 19th century on, who decided that the poor average worker made as suitable a subject as the rich and famous, Kevin Cyr seems to say, and what about these working class automobiles? Their dents, rust and graffiti are only the accumulation of character. He's clearly having fun with the subject and not taking himself too seriously, but he has another very promising alternative expression: designing, painting and actually building satirical alternative mobile dwellings. In addition to the mobile bike home below he has also designed a shopping cart camper!
Check out all his vehicle portraits and more on his website: www.kevincyr.net
Thanks to the folks at Vivianite.net for introducing me to his work.
(and don't forget to click on the images for larger views)


"Glorious Work. Happy Life."


"Scaling the summit"

actual camper bike

blueprint for camper bike

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