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Monday, January 18, 2010

Scott Radke

Scott Radke's creations are an odd race of humanoid creatures dressed in all manner of disguises. They peer out from long cloaks and tall pointy hats or from the bodies of birds, fish, cats and various unnamed beasts. Scrutinizing their intensely expressive faces, you expect them to twitch and skitter about at any moment, or start making low mewling sounds from their place on the wall. Perhaps this should be no surpise, since he began (and continues?) making masks and marionettes for theatre productions. Real human beings would bring his works to life on the stage. Having seen his work animated by actors for so many years has apparently given him the instincts necessary to infuse his creatures with a living spark, like some post modern Gepetto.
Wander through his menagerie at scottradke.com and on flickr, or follow his blog for the latest.

"Burrowing Owl" 24"h x 11"w 2009

"Burrowing Owl" detail

"Goat" 17"h x 11"w 2009

"Tutu #2" 40"h x16"w

"Tutu #2" detail

Title and size unknown, from a commissioned multi-character set.

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