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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Evan B. Harris

Evan B. Harris comes by his folk style approach to drawing honestly. Growing up in rural Oregon he taught himself to draw and, left to his own devices, developed a distinct style of his own. It does not exist in a vacuum of course. His work is reminiscent of artists like Kathleen Lolley, Andy Kehoe (with whom he is apparently friends) and others. But what ties these artists together more than style is their subject matter. Each has created and populated a personal mythic world. In Mr. Harris' case this revolves around the tall tales told in small town taverns and sailor's bars a century ago. He even artificially ages his art as if to suggest they are not contemporary at all but actually artifacts from this world.
You can go to website at evanbharris.com but his Flickr page has a lot more work on it.

"Salt Sea Piano" 24x48"

"White Whale and Shells"

"Owl and the Archer"

"Hand Fed"

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  1. Evan Harris just became one of my favourite artists going, thank you for the introduction!