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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Miquel Wert

Miquel Wert's paintings are mostly nostalgic, ephemeral things that bridge the gap between the seeming reality captured in a family photo and the wavering, unsteady, but more potent reality of actual memory. Most of the details are missing, lost in a blur of half suggested gesture or shape.
Much of his work seems to point toward an idyll of family life that may be more longed for than real. But my favorite pieces are those in which the source material is more subtle; when the rough gestural quality of his approach allows for a variety of response, as if we were experiencing someone else's memory as our own but are unsure what emotions they evoke.
There are a lot more to look at on his website (www.miquelwert.com) including paintings on walls, quick exquisite figure study drawings and a cool animated flipbook of some boxers.

"Discourse" 81x116cm charcoal and acrylic on canvas 2009

"Lecture" 35x35cm charcoal and acrylic on wood 2009

untitled 89x116cm oil and charcoal on canvas 2006

untitled 89x130cm oil on canvas 2004

A rare bit of color and an altogether darker effect.

"High Society" 89x130cm oil on canvas 2004

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