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Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Rein Pol

Because I come across a lot of artists through networking sites on the internet they tend to be younger, whether established or not. But Rein Pol was born in 1949, lives in the north of the Netherlands and is quietly living off of his success. Below you can see why. His idiosyncratic mix of realism, post-impressionism and occasional bouts of surrealism, is always uniquely his own. But he has also followed in the footsteps of his famous fellow countryman Rembrandt Van Rijn, by painting himself over the course of a lifetime, leaving a remarkable visual autobiography. To see all of those and a tremendous amount of other work, go to his website (www.reinpol.nl). I do not think I have yet worked my way through all of it. But that's the joy of discovering an artist who has had a long distinguished career. And thankfully, he's still at it.

"Self" 23x19cm 2007

"Memory" 22x19cm 2001

"A Northern Realist" oil on panel 1992

"Blue Angel - Spring" 80x66cm 1994

"In Plastic / Sprouts" 23x20cm 2006

This is a recent and remarkable study for a much larger work in progress entitled "pollegorie" with many varied elements to it. Most of what is posted so far is reproduced very small on his his website. I'm hoping he will consider posting a larger version of it at a later date or, failing that, at least provide more detail shots.

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