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Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Jean-Pierre Roy 2

I like science fiction. I like sci-fi movies and imagined apocalypses. So of course I like the art of Jean-Pierre Roy. (see my previous post from November 2008) But his work is not quite that simple. These images draw their inspiration from the romantic tradition when artists like Caspar David Friedrich would paint ruined abbeys in a wintery landscape but are informed by a more contemporary post-hollywood obsession with various takes on our own imminent demise.
Now through December 19th his paintings will be on display at the Torrance Art Museum in Torrance CA (in the L.A. area)
Go check out all the other ways he's ended the the world at his website www.jean-pierreroy.com

"An Appetite for Credible Causes" 52x96" 2009

"No Secrets Left From Us" 18x36" 2009

and you have to love this title:

"Landscape or Questioning the continued relevance of investigating the state of the pre-expansionate universe when it appears that time itself did not exist to measure the change" 72x228" 2009

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