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Thursday, November 5, 2009

Jochen Hein

The vast majority of his work consists of land and seascapes expressed in almost total abstraction as he apparently explores the random textural and tonal capabilities of his medium. But just to prove a point or perhaps to scratch a nagging itch he periodically produces works of large scale hyper-realism. Altogether an extraordinary artist. You can go to his website (www.jochenhein.de) where much of his work is fairly well organized or you can go to Artdoxa.com where more of his work is posted (about 500 images right now).
He has also generously posted hi-res images of his realism so PLEASE click on these to view them much much larger.

"Kopp" 130x180cm Acrylic on Jute 2006

"Kopp" detail

"Gras" 155x120 Acrylic on Jute 1998

An example of his more frequent impressionist media and textural explorations

"Grüne Welle - I" Acrylic on Jute 30x25cm 2008

And an example of a slightly different exploration in figurative expression

"Lady Stardust" 100x130cm Acrylic on Jute 2008

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