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Monday, November 9, 2009

Michael Brown

I'm not sure what to say about Michael Brown's work except perhaps to point out that there's a blend of darkness and cuteness that other artists have explored. But while most of them take their imagery into the realm of kitschy irony, Michael Brown does something more. Somehow the overall effect of these paintings remains subtle and that's the wonder of it.
I came upon Michael Browns work through a fellow art blogger at paintblog.ca. You can see more of his work at his Gallery's website (sarahbaingallery.com) and there's an interview with more pictures on another blog commandax.blogspot.com.


"Kind" 10x10" 2008


I Had to include the following because I always find it fascinating to see samples of an artist's work that does not fit in with his or her established style. I presume it's an earlier piece, but what's compelling here is that, despite the fact that he apparently abandoned this approach, it remains a very successful, well executed painting. But don't look back Michael. I love what you're doing.

"Caught in the Eye" 24x20"

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