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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Owen McAuley 2

In my earlier post (August 25, 2009) I griped about his online images being too small. That problem so far has not been corrected (although I have it under good authority that this might change) but the appearance of new work mitigates my frustration. If you happen to be around Austin, Texas before December 12 you can see his these new pieces at dberman gallery. Otherwise you'll just have to settle for his website like me. www.owenmcauley.com.
Complaints aside, I love the atmospheric approach he takes to portraying the night. I'm also intrigued by how he takes that lonely hazy point of view and applies it to what others might see as a well lit room. He reminds us that the dark is always there, waiting to engulf everything at the flick of a switch.

"Aluminum sunset" 24x36" oil on linen 2009

"Gravity Loves You" 10x22" oil on linen 2009

"Caress" 18x24" oil on linen 2009

"Capuchin" 24x36" oil on linen 2009

"Plan C" 6x20" oil on linen 2009

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