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Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Steve J. Yazzie (2)

The Last time I posted his work (November 26, 2008) , there just wasn't as much on his website (www.stevenyazzie.com). There's lot's more now. And it goes way beyond the coyote paintings I am showing here. There's birds and landscapes and people and pure abstractions and a lot of stuff somewhere in between. Here's an artist who can't seem to confine himself to any single approach to image making. That's both a curse and a blessing, but he has the talent to pull it off.
That said, I'm still partial to these coyotes. As the human presence in the west expands the versatile coyote has adapted to our manufactured environment like the squirrels and pigeons. But they do it with guile and remain largely hidden. I like to think they might even enjoy the luxurious homes of the well heeled when the owners are not about. The artist is also native American and his humorous use of the iconic and mythical coyote is, for lack of a better word, quite wry.

"The Green Chair" oil on canvas 30x36" 2009

"In a Dream" 36x30" oil on canvas 2008

"Incidental Sunset" 66x60" oil on canvas 2009

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