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Friday, April 29, 2011

Michelle Muldrow

"Delirium"  20" x 10"  casein on clay panel

"Reconfiguration"  20" x 10"  casein on clay panel
"Altar in Orange"  acrylic on canvas
"Searching Light"  12" x 12"  casein on clay panel
"Blight and Consumption; Bedford Heights, OH"  34" x 22"  gouache on paper
Michelle Muldrow has been exploring the potentials still lurking within the landscape genre and what it means to be picturesque. She has contrasted the notion of the picturesque by incorporating it into her depictions of urban and suburban decay. More recently she has been exploring the idea of the sublime as it might be conveyed by cathedral architecture, by the light and airy spaces lit by stained glass windows. Only here she turns the idea of the sublime on it's consumerist head by using as her subject the chaos and clutter of a big block store. Beyond the philosophical intentions of her work, there is no denying that she has a fluent if not instinctive understanding of color and design. She employs her marked craftsmanship to tremendous effect conjuring the vagaries and contradictions inherent in our perceptions of the american landscape. You can see more on her website: mmuldrow.com

and thanks again to the folks at www.artistaday.com for bringing her work to my attention

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