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Monday, May 2, 2011

Carolyn Pyfrom

"Jenny By The Door"  34" x 36"  oil on linen 2006

"Maestro and Model"  66" x 30"  oil on linen  2010

"Plumb Line"  50" x 28"  oil on linen  2010

"Self With Peter"  30" x 24"  oil on linen  2008

"You Also Are Psyche"  40" x 40"  oil on linen  2008
Carolyn Pyfrom is an academically oriented painter, who well understands the lessons of drawing, composition and subtle value shifts in color to create luminous compelling canvases. Her occasional use of paintings within the painting suggests an ironic concession to the limitations of rendering three dimension in two. She is no photo realist playing tricks with illusion to wow the viewer. She simply uses the painting within the painting as a way divide up the surface and subjects of the painting in new and novel ways. At times it lends an interesting psychological distance to the figures, but the figures are ultimately secondary anyway. Composition is the central theme as she looks around the studio or room in which she's working for new ways to reorganize the lines and light that surround her.
You can see more work on here website at: www.carolynpyfrom.com

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