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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Jeremy Hush

"Droning Glow" 2011

"Nettled" 2011

"The sigh" 2011

"Vexed" 2011

"Wisdom and Faulty Design" 2010
Jeremy Hush is a fairly young artist with one of those names so apropos that we can only hope it's real. He creates small exquisite illustrations in ball point pen and watercolor. I know of only one other artist using ball point pen (Caitlin Hackett whose work is not completely dissimilar). It's an unlikely medium that I myself prefer for sketching. Anyway, his delicate images capture a certain mood, a sort of wounded fantasy world in which life itself seems to be unraveling and unwinding, bound to cease it's awkward motions at any moment. It has more than a hint of the Goth aesthetic, but in it's more subtle and nuanced forms, harking back to the detailed and sometimes dark children's illustrators of the 19th century illustration. The delicacy and sensitivity of the work makes an interesting and ironic contrast to the personal snapshots on his flickr page where we can witness the artist's love for heavy metal music, automatic weapons and trespassing (In addition to the art of course). Keep keepin' it real Mr. Hush. And keep busy. I'll look forward to see what happens the next time your adventuring takes you inside.

You can also follow his progress on his blog: hushillustration.blogspot.com

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