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Monday, April 18, 2011

Sean Thomas

"Car Culture (Quincy)"  oil on canvas  36" × 40"  2009

"Cartography #7"  oil on canvas  12" × 24"  2009

"Crane Forms #4"  oil on canvas  12" × 18"  2009

"Mill Forms"  oil on canvas  24" × 36"  2008

"Providence River IV"  watercolor on paper  11" × 15"  2006

"Black Falcon Terminal"  oil on canvas  20" × 24"  2007

Sean Thomas is something of a minimalist with an impressionist's sense of atmosphere. His simple graphic architectural forms shimmer through a haze of dusty sunlight. Or is it smog? His most frequent subjects are the interaction of human construction and landscape, but his work is not concerned with commentary. The potential is there, but instead he focuses on description and aesthetics. By emphasizing the term "Forms" in many of his titles he focuses on the abstract nature of the images devoid of political or social content. But still, they are "crane forms" or Mill forms", not simply forms. They are real objects, real places, scenes from the world in which we live and as such are loaded with frames of meaning and association. Many of his subjects are industrial in nature. These are not scenes that most people would normally consider from an aesthetic point of view. He's not asking us to look at these places for their beauty, but we are being asked to see the beauty that might be there.

See more work on his website: www.seanthomasonline.com
and thanks to artistaday.com for introducing me to his work

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