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Monday, November 22, 2010

James Jean - update

Last Thursday's post of Vincent Hui's work reminded me of another artist with an amazing instinct for, and output of drawing. But looking back, my last post of James Jean's work was too brief and only featured two images. So here's more from a man who can't seem to stop himself. He teaches, does illustration work, fine art for galleries, book art, and fills journal after journal with exquisite drawings. In addition to a prodigious output, he works in variety of techniques. His painting is easily as captivating as his drawing, and whether he's working in a tight graphic style or loose and expressive, his work somehow always manages to convey the same feel, revealing the hand of a singular artist whose exuberance for image making expresses itself in a kind of free-form exposition of the subconscious. The subject matter in his work is the simply the artist's imagination. They are one and the same. And I for one would like to say, thanks for sharing.
There is a tremendous amount of stuff to look through on his website (www.jamesjean.com) and you can keep track of his latest on his blog.

"Dancers"  Acrylic on Wood Panels  12 x 24"  2010.

 "Dancers" detail

 You should be able to click on these images to view them larger:

"RIFT: Scull"   Graphite & Digital  11 x 56"  2009

"RIFT Procession"  Graphite & Digital  11 x 50"  2009

"Smile"  Acrylic on Wood Panels  12 x 24"  2010.

Here's an example page from one of his sketchbooks:

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