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Thursday, November 4, 2010

Scott Greene

(a quick note: I've altered the format of the blog a bit in order to post larger images. Unfortunately this messes up the formatting on some of the older posts. Hopefully it won't be too bad. If anyone has comments or suggestions, feel free.)

Scott Greene has been hard at work producing extraordinary images for more than two decades now. Almost from the beginning his surrealistic images have depicted modern technologies in unlikely juxtaposition with scenes of nature, history and myth. One gets the distinct sense that Mr. Greene is an astute observer of history and mythology, and one who believes its' lessons matter. By redeploying familiar artistic imagery generally associated with the musty past, and reconfiguring them with the jarring presence of satellite dishes and other technological paraphernalia, he aggressively attacks the notion that the messages conveyed to us from them have no significance for us in our modern era. And those messages are often ones of doleful warning. The tower of Babel and the expulsion from the garden of eden are biblical images he has evoked. From the age of exploration he borrows the image of a ship sailing off the edge of the world. He references Bosch and Breughel, renaissance artists noted for their depictions of hell. But all of this heady and dire material is served up with a kind of mocking humor, more ridicule and satire than angry diatribe.
He is enormously prolific and there is loads of work to look through on his website: www.scottmgreene.com

"Clear Channel"  18" x 22"  oil on canvas over panel  2004

"Oasis"  20" x 30"  oil on canvas  2010

"Ship Shape"  76" x 48"  oil on canvas  2010

"Machinations"  80" x144"  oil on canvas  2004-5

"Fool Me Once"  54" x 28"  oil on canvas  2004

I first came across his work through the website of his gallery in San Francisco: Catharine Clark Gallery

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