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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Robin F. Williams

Robin Williams is an artist with feet firmly planted in two eras. Her interest in technical mastery, of figurative realism, harks back to pre-modern times, but her aesthetic interests have as much to do with pop-art and surrealism as anything else. While not typical of what has become known as the pop-surrealist movement her work fits the bill better than many of the genre's practitioners who merely ride a certain stylistic trend. The combination of influences is also interesting in relationship to her subject matter which often pits childhood against adult conceptions. She plays on the ideas of conceptual art and asks if the very act of being a child is conceived of by the adult world as a kind of ongoing performance piece. And this in turn may imply that the pursuit of art in the current age is an extension of childhood.
Then again I could be way off base. But her images provoke such speculation, and the provocation of ideas has long been the hallmark of good art. By that measure at least, Robin F. Williams' work succeeds tremendously. See more at her website: www.robinwilliamsart.com

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