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Monday, November 15, 2010

Scott Hunt

 Scott Hunts monochromatic drawings of a dysfunctional America are derived from found photographs gleaned from thrift stores and flea markets. The photographs, dissociated from their original owners, carry a certain degree of mystery, an unknown history. Mr. Hunt focuses on this notion of mystery and elaborates on it, recombining the found images or embellishing them to create new narratives of the American psyche.  Most of these photographs date from the 50s, 60s and 70s, decades that continue to define the growing rift in our moral and political philosophies. It is within the context of this loaded iconography that he crates imagery that is not so much ironic as disturbingly absurd, in much the same way that David Lynch has done in film. It is not surprising that he acknowledges the work David Lynch as an influence along with the writer Joyce Carol Oates and the cartoonist Charles Addams. While other visual artists are cited as well, the key element to his work is narrative. 
His website www.scotthuntstudio.com is currently just a link to his gallery's site (www.robertgoffgallery.com) but hopefully down the road will include a larger catalog of his dark, wry and disturbingly engaging images.

"Bash"  charcoal on paper  26.5" x 21"  2009

"Death and the Maiden (Musical Interlude)"  2007  charcoal on paper  36.25" x 42.75"

"And Red All Over"  2007  Charcoal on paper  33.1" x 41.37"

 "The Shaming"  2006  charcoal on paper

"The Spoils"  2008  charcoal on paper  32" x 35"

I first came across his work here at www.booooooom.com

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