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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Halloween Gallery

A while back I posted a group show of themed work, called Night Scenes. So this will be only my second group post. This time the theme is halloween. As you can imagine, a few of the same artists will make an appearance.

I've posted quite a lot of art that deals with very dark and disturbing imagery but not all of it is appropriate for Halloween. It is a holiday after all. Something we celebrate. So bleak despair and man's inhumanity to man are not really what I'm after. Here we seek that side of the horrific that draws us in, that entertains, amuses or even comforts us in some way. Part of the appeal of horror and of Halloween is either knowing the nightmares are not real, or secretly wishing they were. So here's a collection of art that I think reflects this appeal.

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Andy Kehoe
 "Be Wary of the Dark Places"  8"x8"  2009

Allison Sommers

"The Sudden Picnic in the Succulent Grove"
8.5" x 7.5" gouache on illustration board 2009

Chet Zar

"Bats"  11" x 14"  oil on canvas  2010

Daniel Danger

“and i dont even like to be seen in the parking lot between the movies and the drink and the glass, whatever the hell that means”
18×24″ five color silkscreen 2009

Dan May 

"Between You and Eye"
18" x 18"  acrylic on wood panel  2010

Fred Einaudi

"Mermaid" 18x24"

Gus Fink 

"Sick Girl"
mixed media on antique photo

Jeremy Enecio

from a show called "Zombies In Love"




John Brosio

"Fatherless Bride"
60" x 45"  oil on canvas  2010

John Kenn

no title - pen on post-it note

Laurie Lipton

"Last Night I Dreamt that I Murdered Mommy" - (1980) 
63.5 x 91 cm - pencil on paper

Phil Hale 
title unknown

Scott Radke 
title unknown

Travis Louie

"Hairy Stare"

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  1. I remember some of these fondly from previous postings, David. Some of them really speak to me...no, I will NOT divulge which ones! Bruhahahahaha Thanks for scaring me to DEATH!!!