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Thursday, April 1, 2010


Following in the grand tradition of one name celebrities like Bono, Björk, Cher, Dion, Dido, Enya, Fabio, Falco, Jewel, Moby, Nico, Pelé, Sinbad, Twiggy & Usher (to name a few) I would now like to present to you.... Jim.
Jim is the moniker of an artist who creates ornamental skulls, usually but not exclusively from twine and rope. His work draws on traditional arts from around the world as well as more contemporary arts, suggesting something vaguely religious, possibly ceremonial and to be honest, kind of trippy. I realize that this is not exactly in depth explication, but damn... just look at them. You have to admit that they are very, very cool.
You can see a lot more on his website: www.jim-skullgallery.com

as far as I know they do not have titles nor are exact materials or sizes indicated. I assume they are about the size of a human skull.


  1. It's a gorgeous work and i can't imagine this!
    Bravo and thank you to show it.

  2. Yes, it appears that they are the size of a human skull. On the website there are pictures of the artist with the works. Really beautiful work. He uses different mediums for other skulls if you look into his albums. The twine are the most resonant for me. Thanks for sharing, David.