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Monday, April 12, 2010

Amy Talluto

Amy Talluto's paintings are sometimes just a little odd. Sometimes you might not even notice it. Quite a few of her paintings might strike a casual observer as fairly ordinary, though lovingly rendered landscapes. But more than a few jar one's perceptions at first glance. There are elements of discordant color here and there, occasionally everywhere. Sometimes most or almost all of a painting seems to conform to objective reality, but then there's that bright orange that one doesn't expect to see in a waterfall or glowing from the knot of a pine. At other times, unexpected reds and blues dance across a whole forestscape. It is a subtle reminder that painting is always about about abstraction on some level. Reality is translated into shapes and colors. By distorting only certain elements, the result can be either jarring or refreshing, or in this case both, reminding us to reevaluate the difference between what we see and what we're shown. But her realism remains at the center of her work around which these ideas of abstraction dance, and her talent in that regard is enough to make even her pencil drawings worth a good long look.
See more at www.amytalluto.com

"Heart" 50" x 64" oil on canvas 2007

"Wraiths" 44" x 60" oil on canvas 2006

"White Pine" 40" x 26" oil on canvas 2009

"Burn - Blue Mountain" 26" x 34" oil on canvas 2008

"Burn 3" 10" x13" pencil on paper 2007

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  1. J'aime beaucoup cette dernière oeuvre et me ramène à mes bons souvenirs...