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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Gideon Bok

A lot of artists work in a studio and a lot of other artists work on location. Gideon Bok does both at the same time. The setting for a lot his work is, that's right, where he works (and it's a very impressive studio if I might add). It's a big enough space for he and his friends to engage in his other interest, music, and that comes into the paintings quite a bit too. What's particularly fascinating about his work is how it records time. The structural environment of the scene is solidly established but the figures ebb and flow over the course of creating the paintings as the people in the studio also come and go. He paints in thin gestural washes that pile up like a crowd of ghosts giving us a time lapse view of not just the activity that takes place in front of the artist but also of the artist's process as well.
His work can be viewed at his gallery's website (alphagallery.com)and on his blog (gideonbok.blogspot.com)
There's also an informative interview at paintingperceptions.com

"King of Nails" 70" x 79" oil on linen 2006-2010

"Day Triptych" 35" x 96" oil on linen 2010

"Night Triptych" 35" x 96" oil on linen 2010

"Velvetandynewpornstones" 2008

"Stephanie Pierce Playing Ma's Mango" 20" x18" oil on linen 2010

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