When I started trying to promote my own artwork online I kept coming across other people's art that amazed or compelled me in one way or another. This blog has been a way for me to practice thinking and writing about art, as well as learning more about my peers and all the incredible art that is being made out there.

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Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Gus Fink

Gus Fink creates art like a troubled child, uninterested in the boring lessons his peers are absorbing. Most of the drawings on his website (gusfink.com) are hurried gestural doodles of distorted skeletal figures, alien beings and a menagerie of other monsters. But it is his defacements of vintage photographs that really get to me. There is something terribly haunting about the combination of staid figures and the mad scrawling across their memories. It seems like the kind of art the Joker might do, whiling away his time in Arkham Asylum. Not that I suspect Gus Fink of criminal psycopathy. But I do suspect there's a bit of a mad gleam in his eye as he sits down with his pen, paint, knife and whatever other tools he might bring to bear, and stares at some new unnamed face gazing back at him from across the decades.

untitled 6.5" x 8.5" mixed media on antique photograph

"Sick Girl" mixed media on antique photo

"Missing Girl" 3.25" x 5" mixed media on antique photograph

untitled 4" x 6" mixed media on antique photograph

"Father Fatal" 3" x 4.5" mixed media on antique photograph

here's an example of one of Gus' drawings:

"When It All Turns Too Fast" 8.5" x 11" mixed media on cardstock

I would like to thank John foster at Accidental Mysteries, where I first saw some of these photographs posted.


  1. Terrible and beautiful at the same time.....I like them much.