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Monday, February 8, 2010

Jeff Bellerose

There are a lot of fine academic landscape painters lurking about in the world craning their necks at dramatic scenery. But after a while the sweeping vistas and the towering cityscapes can grow a little tiresome. They're often beautifully rendered but even beauty pales when it becomes too commonplace. Often all that is required is a subtle shift in view. Jeff Bellerose frequently hunts about for a slightly different take an old favorites. In most instances he finds a way to paint these ubiquitous themes from a new angle, a very simple shift in point of view, bringing the subject matter back to life with stunning ease.
Color and craftsmanship are, of course, key to painting and he knows his business. But he uses composition and design to create paintings that stand apart.
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"Incline" 24"x40" oil on linen

"Inside Out" 20"x30"

"Stairs" 30"x24" oil on linen



  1. I love the realism of the lighting

  2. I only know the Bellerose Kids Clothing? Is he related?

  3. Methril.
    You're right, the dramatic use high contrast sunlight and shadow is quite effective.

    anonmymous- The Bellerose clothing company gets its name from the town of Bellerose NY. If Jeff is in anyway related to the founder of said municipality, you'd have to ask him yourself.