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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Damon Mohl

I think it's high time for a little apocalyptic sci-fi horror. Damon Mohl's work is currently on a series of linked blogs but he apparently has a website on the way. I'm looking forward to it.
His work is clearly that of an obsessive. Browsing your way through the various pages and different styles feels a little like wandering around through the dreams of a man that your not quite sure is completely sane (but you kind of like him anyway). If the paintings aren't your thing, check out his drawings. They're different. If that doesn't suit you, try his installations. Or his photographs. There's got to be something amid all this chaotic creativity that's going to grab you, crawl inside and stick somewhere in the back of your brain for a while (occasionally wriggling uncomfortably perhaps).
(start here: damonmohl.blogspot.com)
There's even a few other things to look at on myartspace.com
click on images below to view them larger!

"Summit" oil on canvas 75"x125" 2008

"The Ticket Booth" oil on canvas 49"x66" 2006

"The Black Pillar of Smoke" oil on canvas 44"x67" 2005

"Distillation Chamber" (2008) from a series of objects and photographs called "Maladies of the Vine" which the artist says would be best displayed on the walls of an old wooden shack deep in the mountains.


untitled photograph (from a series and book called "Trials and Tribulations in the Wilderness")

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