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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Shane Devries

There's a lot of this retro kitschy toy art and, while it can get a little old at times, a lot of it is really good (Eric Joyner is a prime example). Shane Devries is from Australia and joins the kitschy bandwagon. His may not be the most original voice in the sub-genre (yet!) but that's no surprise as he's only 25 years old (maybe 26 by now, it's hard to be sure). But he sure can paint. He has perfect instincts for color, and apparently does not like fruit because it's sticky, tastes bad and always leaves a mess.
I can't wait to see how his work grows over the coming years.
Check out his website which is actually a blog, www.shanedevries.com. Many of the paintings are not given definite titles and sizes are not indicated.

Click on the images below to get a better look.


"From Somewhere Else"

Biplane (?)

"Clumsy Invasion"

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