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Monday, October 5, 2009

David Eisenhour & David Isenhour

This is funny. I saw a reference to the work of David Isenhour somewhere and in googling him I accidentally added an E in front and came up with the work of David Eisenhour. And guess what? They're both really good. Eisenhour's work is clearly the result of a lifelong obsession with turning over rocks and mucking through ponds. His sculptures do not correspond directly to actual animal forms but display an amazing knowledge of those forms nonetheless. Isenhour's work is attuned more to pop culture, though interestingly, he also plays with organic forms, but to very different ends.
At any rate a happy accident for me.

Here's the work by David Eisenhour (see more at www.eisenhoursculpture.com)
Scroll down to see the work of David Isenhour (www.davidisenhour.com)

"Language of Horns" Bronze 23x22x19" 2006

"Language of Horns" detail

"Moth Sarcophagus" Bronze 10.5x35x10.5" 2004

"Moth Sarcophagus" side view

"Moth Sarcophagus" side view

And here's the work by David Isenhour (go to www.davidisenhour.com)

"Unnatural Selection" polyiso foam, cast plastic, automotive finish 24x48x8" 2007

"Unnatural Selection" detail

"Culture 2" wood, cast plastic, glass, automotive finish 2007

"Hero Code" polyiso foam, cast plastic, automotive finish 30x34x18" 2007

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