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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Alex Roulette

I love narrative art. Realism per se is not something I care much about one way or the other although I do admire the technical facility it takes to pull it off. Good photo references help too. But capturing the essence of a narrative world, carving out a mythos of characters and events that resonate with the viewer, that, I love. Alex Roulette does that by freeze framing small events in the lives of young men. He captures the malaise, the boredom, restlessness and recklessness of the young american male. I was one. I remember. Not that I always want to. Thanks Alex.
See more at his website: www.alexroulette.com
Check out his blog or his flickr site for the latest.

You really must click on these images to view them larger!

"Monumental Road" 32x50 oil 2009

"Headlights" 28x37" oil 2008

"The Deal" 19x18" oil 2007

And he's got to be pretty happy about getting into New American Paintings. (Mid-atlantic 2009 edition) Congratulations.

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