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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Dan Witz

More night scenes. I would love to curate an enormous show of night scenes.

Dan Witz also does this pretty interesting graffiti street work where he paints mysterious figures trapped behind wire mesh windows on old doors but you'll have to go to his website for those (www.danwitz.com). there's also some amazing figurative work. But It's his night scenes that really grabbed me. I especially like these first two where the lit subject matter floats in the void of darkness. And his series of hotel lamps, while simple, is also remarkably evocative. Night scenes are especially effective at conveying a sense of isolation and he pulls that off beautifully with these finely crafted paintings. (interestingly his figurative work is dominated by crowd scenes - another kind of isolation? )

"Elevator Door" 32x46" 2006

"R&N grocery" 42x62" 2005

"Kenmare & Elizabeth" 44x68" 2005

"Sherburne Hotel Lamp"

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