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Monday, February 14, 2011

Valentine's Day

Artists have a tendency to look at the darker side of things, so romantic imagery appropriate to the holiday is not exactly abundant. But I did a quick troll through the blog and here's some random pieces that jumped out at me, ranging from the darkly cynical to the genuinely sweet.

Happy Valentine's day.
(click on the artists' names for links back to my original post of their work, where you'll find links to their websites).

Kate Bauman
'Til Death Do Us Part"

Amanda Blake
"Nigel and Lily at Sea" 11" x 14"  oil on panel  2010

Scott Brooks
"Renaissance Man"  oil on panel  2008

Nicoletta Ceccoli
"Balloon Girl"

Melanie Corradi

Brian Despain
"The Exchange" Oil on wood  20" x 16"

Lori Field
"Butterflies In My Stomach"

Kathleen Lolley
"Wild Flowers"  Acrylic on wood  2010

Kelly Vivanco
"Curious Bouquet" 16" x 16" acrylic on panel 2009

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