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Monday, December 6, 2010

Scott Brooks

I generally avoid posting the most provocative images by an artist. While I myself cannot remember the last time I was actually offended by a picture, I prefer not to put off those whose sensibilities may be more delicate. And I have done the same here. Believe me. But the work of Scott Brooks is not for the squeamish or prudish. His work is a full frontal assault on cultural norms and prejudices. He takes on politics, morality,  and religion with conversation-stopping bravado. He's like a man crashing a state function and telling off color jokes in a loud voice. What makes it work is that the jokes are both funny and true. His background is in illustration, and for his personal work he does not shy away from it's methods or aesthetic (as if he would shy away from anything). He embraces caricature and the pop sensibility. He uses narrative to make his point. His illustration work has been primarily for children, and has probably been subtly and insidiously corrupting our youth for years. Okay, subtlety may not be his strong suit. He is incredibly prolific, and there are quite simply hundreds of paintings and drawing to look through, which I strongly urge you to do. www.scottgbrooks.com  There is more work that can be viewed larger on his Flickr page.

"Separation Anxiety: an Allegory for the Conflict Between Good and Evil"  oil on canvas  8' x 4'  2010

"Liberty Leading The People"  48" x 36"  oil on canvas  2010

"Nativity on Demand"  oil on canvas  30" x 40"  2008

"'Til Death Do Us Part"  oil on canvas  20" x 38"  2006

From a series of drawings depicting the deadly sins and cardinal virtues (despite my caveat above this may be one of the more provocative images from the series):
"Gluttony"  graphite and pastel on paper  9" x 12"  2004

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