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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Paul Ching-Bor

Paul Ching-Bor was born in Guangzhou, in southern China but currently lives and works in New York City. His monumental watercolor paintings capture New York's world of girders, bridges, concrete and high rises, with an impressionist atmosphere and the vitality and energy of expressionism. It is a haze filled twilight world somehow suggesting at once both oppressiveness and romance, the very nature of the siren song of major cities the world over. These cold impersonal architectural compositions are at the same time alive and breathing, the heart and home of millions of human beings. He has also recently explored doing figurative works, inserting actual people into his vivid cityscapes, but I prefer the purely architectural work. Somehow it seems to better convey the dichotomy of life in the city; the teeming millions all living in such close proximity enhancing the sense of one's singular experience. The city can seem the emptiest of places, a powerful psychological backdrop to the inner life.
Go to his website to see more: www.paulchingbor.com

"Apprehension I"
watercolor on Arches paper 80x60 inches in two panels 2005

"Motion in L. I. C."
watercolor on Arches paper 80x60 inches in two panels 2005

"Currencies - Hudson I"
watercolor on Arches paper 40x60 inches 2006

"When The Boats Came"

"Insomnious Lights - Woolworth Building I"
watercolor on Arches paper 114x103 inches in two panels 2009

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