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Monday, February 7, 2011

Melanie Corradi

"A Social Grace"


"Falling Towards Tuesday"

"The Other side of Blue"


Melanie Corradi has tried on a lot styles and approaches to art and eventually found a marketable niche, painting what she calls "Organic Abstractions" (see the 3rd and 4th paintings above). For many artists such a discovery becomes a means to support other more personal or experimental work. It can be a fine alternative to teaching or merely working a non-art-related day job. It's called living by the brush, if you happen to be a painter. By her own estimation she has painted between 3 and 4 football fields worth of these paintings. In the end such repetition can drain the creative energy from anyone. So to shake up her own world, she has also become a pastry chef designing and decorating eclectic cakes and desserts. She still paints though. Of course. Talent for something, and a love for something may not be exactly the same thing but they stride together quite closely most of the time. And I for one am anxious to see where she goes next.
You can see all her work, visual and edible, on her website: www.melaniecorradi.com

note: The sizes of here paintings are not indicated on the website but I happen to know that she works fairly large.

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