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Monday, September 28, 2009

Michael Kareken

I seem to post a lot of art about trash. Or maybe, just because there's a lot of it out there, trash that is, a lot of artists take a good long hard look at it and decide it's worth painting. The paintings themselves are anything but trash. These pieces capture collections of refuse with all the deftness and nuance of a nineteenth century impressionist landscape. Engaging such anti-bucolic subject matter jars our perception of what a beautiful painting is all about, not to mention making us think about all that stuff we leave lying around. It's pretty damned effective.
See more plus older work on his website: michaelkareken.com

"Scrap Bottles" 68x72" 2009

"Scrap Engines" 84x96" (in progress)

"Metal Piles" 24x30" 2007

"Large Magnet" 96x78" 2009

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