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Thursday, September 10, 2009

Chris Buzelli

I've said it before and will go on saying it. The difference between illustration and art is blurry at best.
Two of these pieces were done for galleries and two for jobs, but which is which? What makes Chris Buzelli's best illustrations so wonderful is that they not only capture the context of the particular assignment but stand alone equally well as purely visual images. There's charm here that would be easy to underestimate but his seemingly bottomless well of visual ideas is pretty remarkable.
There's loads of more at www.chrisbuzelli.com
He also has a great blog worth looking through at www.drawger.com/buzelli

"Harbinger" 10x10" 2008

"The Skinny Dippers" 14x19" 2009

"Toxic Secret" 15x20 2009

"Abracadabra" 10x10 2008

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