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Monday, August 2, 2010

Erik Berndt

Erik Berndt draws and dreams just like many of us once did as children, with only pencil and paper and a sense of limitless possibility. He creates whole worlds that can pull you in to the wanderings of his imagination. His work often oscillates from the frenetic extremes of urbanization to chaotic botanical exuberance, occasionally the latter slowly overtaking the former. But these are not statements per se about contemporary society or post-industrialization. They seem to be mere excuses for his exploration of complexity and pattern, vehicles for him to create Escher-like visions of an alternate world reflective of our own but a good deal more entertaining and spirited.
He has a phenomenal number of these richly detailed visions on his Flickr page and, as far as I can tell, nowhere else.

"The Plumbers at Work" 20x30cm 2010

"The Forgotten Brewery" 20x30cm 2009

"The Railway Station" 20x30cm 2009

"Remote Relay Station" 20x30cm 2009

"The Ferry" 20x30cm 2009

"The Open Heart of the City" 20x30cm 2009

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