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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Jeremy Lipking

Jeremy Lipking is an unabashed erotic romantic painter. He's one of those deft realists who paint as if the 20th century never happened. Invariably such artists paint pretty much the same subject matter; bucolic landscapes, portraits, gardens, children. Frankly it gets a bit tiresome, but sometimes they're just so damn good at it you have to whistle softly between your teeth and admit that, okay, it's damn good.
In general I have avoided posting erotic work because I don't particularly want to offend anyone and usually I find that the eroticism one usually sees in painting actually detracts from the work as mere attention seeking gimmickry. But I've changed my mind this once, although I did place them at the bottom. So go ahead, scroll down if you want to see some really really beautiful naked women. And oh yeah, these water falls are pretty amazing too.
There's more of course on his website: www.lipking.com

Note: most of these paintings are not titled or in any other way described on his website

Waiting 20 x 16 inches

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