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Monday, August 23, 2010

Kris Lewis

Most of Kris Lewis' work is taken up with young beautiful women, they're hair perfectly coifed, their dress, if any, elegant and slightly outlandish. There is certainly a bit of the "Playboy" aesthetic to them. There is no doubt that he has an eye for striking design, and an interest in the alluring, even the downright erotic, but his art lies in going beyond mere form and capturing an extraordinary depth of personality. He also presents his portraits in a landscape tableaux that creates a kind of narrative to engage the viewer. He cites influences ranging from Holbein to Wyeth in obvious adoration of the masters of realism, but he often incorporates a very contemporary stylization of form that is usually fairly restrained (as in the pieces below) although occasionally, more pronounced. His few paintings that are not of young women reveal that his fascinations and insights into character are hardly restricted to one sex.
To see more visit his website at www.krislewisart.com

"Low Tide" oil on board 36"x24"

"We're Going South" oil on linen 30"x30"

"Deconstruction Period" oil on canvas 24"x24"

"Red" oil on wood 24"x20"

"Funeral" 30"x24"

"Cory" oil on canvas 30"x24"

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