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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Andy Kehoe 2

It's been a year since I first posted the work of Andy Kehoe (December 1, 2008). Seeing as how he currently has a show up in L.A. at Thinkspace it seems high time to revisit his mythical world of characters both good and ill, of loneliness and chance encounters, of murderers and mystical rebirths. It is a place of perpetual twilight in an unending autumn all rendered in a visual vocabulary as unique as they come.
Visit his website www.andykehoe.net for links to his Flickr page, blog and more.

"The Unseen Gather in Secret" 18"x18" 2009

"Songs of the Dead" 10"x10" 2009

"Old Enemies Reconcile Unseen" 30"x30" 2009

"Keeper of the Beacons" 36"x24" 2009

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  1. one of my favorite artists! (pittsburgh pa native)