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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Phil Delisle

While most of the work on his website (www.thetq.com/phil) appears to be from 2007 or earlier with only a couple of exceptions, it's new to me, so...
He dabbles occasionally and successfully in abstraction but it is his more graphic work referencing the painting process, himself and art in general (sometimes in one fell swoop) that dominate his work. It's great loopy stuff and wandering through it is not unlike visiting an art version of a funhouse mirror maze.
I'm hoping he's okay and we'll be seeing new work twisting old themes inside out and back around again soon.

"In The Studio Painting" 64x48" Acrylic in Canvas 2009

"A Painting of an Exhibition" 45x59" 2007

"The Studio Process" 48x64.5" 2007

Here he riffs on the graphic style of an instruction manual (on the website you can view the individual painting or panels)

"How to Make a Painting in 9 Simple Steps" 13.5x15.5 each panel 2004

And here he riffs on his on his own riff.

"How to Make a 'How To' Painting Series" 13.5x15.5" each panel 2005

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