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Friday, December 2, 2011

Judith Brandon

"Carnival Weather"  ink, charcoal and pastel on paper  2010  42" x 52"

"Green Funnel Cloud"  ink and charcoal  29" x 37"

"Light Pillars With Cyan"  mixed media on paper  42" x 29"

"Arctic Pressure"  mixed media on paper  42" x 67"
This is exactly the kind of work that can be so frustrating to try and appreciate solely through digital reproduction; large, layered multi-media works on paper. You can click on the images to view most of them a good deal larger which helps a little. But it is impossible to see how all the effects are created. That said, they're compelling all the same. Whatever her methods (She cites enameling techniques that she studied in school, the scribing of metal and the layering of transparent and opaque colors) the images are strongly evocative of all manner of strange weather. This is clearly intentional and so the work is, at it's heart, representational. But there can be no denying that abstraction plays a tremendous role giving the work a dream like, even hallucinatory feel. You can see more at her website
And if you happen to be in the vicinity of Cleveland, Ohio where the artist also lives and works, you might want to drop in at the Kenneth Paul Lesko Gallery where her work is currently on display.

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