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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Joseph Phillips

"Above the Reservior", 18x24 Inches, 2010

"Beachcomber Condo with Palms and Umbrellas", 17x14 inches, 2009

"Beach Set", 18x24 inches, 2009

"Big River", 18x36 inches, 2010

"Vertically Integrated Model for Multi-Climate Living", 30x39 inches, 2010

Joseph Phillips' work presents a quirky world of cross-sections and models revealing ways in which human ingenuity and hubris intersect with the natural world. The humor in his work gently disguises the seriousness of his observations. But the humor is essential. The humor leavens it with a touch of wonder at our own insatiable need to transform the world. Unlike most artists addressing the issues of man in the environment, Mr. Phillips' work is not a stark warning, nor a condemnation, nor bleak despairing observation. And his humor is not that of the cold cynic. Yet it does reveal the problems and unsustainable aspects of so much of our domestic industrious endeavors. In his own words his work is "...as much a celebration of humanity's creativity as it is an indictment of our carelessness. It strikes a balance between my disillusionment and my sense of wonder...". well said, and well done. The work is modest in tone but hardly shallow. In an art world full of bombast and grand statements of concept more full of self importance than real meaning, work like this comes as a welcome relief for the reflective viewer.
There's much more to look at on his website: www.josephphillipsart.com
Mr. Phillips work was included in New American Paintings 96.

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